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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-10-15

In this issue:  Green tea, the market meltdown, and the
Nobel Prize.

InternetNews reports on Google's effort to keep you from
emailing under the influence.

---Financial Crisis---
Motley Fool says $700 billion was a drop in the bucket. 
Keeping a tally of total outlays puts the scale of the
crisis in context.

There are a number of outlandish claims regarding the health
benefits of green tea being thrown around.  AskMen says
wading through all the BS can be anything but soothing.
AskMen tells you everything you wanted to know about
prostate cancer.

TIME Europe says a renowned investor who saw the meltdown
coming is torn between fear and growing bullishness.
Motley Fool asks whether it is too late to sell.  You're
probably tempted to get out at any cost.

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---Nobel Prize---
The 2008 Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded to three
scientists who were instrumental in discovering green
fluorescent protein, commonly called GFP, and developing the
protein as a powerful tool for basic biological research,
according to Science News.
The Nobel Prize In Physics was awarded for work on the
standard model of particle physics, according to Science News.
Science News says the 2008 Nobel Prize for physiology or
medicine will be shared among three European researchers for
their pivotal work in identifying the roles of viruses in
causing cervical cancer and AIDS.

AskMen presents some tips on how to set an example for your
child.  While much of this piece pertains to young children
under the age of 8 or so, the issue itself is germane to
kids of all ages.

Motley Fool offers a little "straight talk" on McCain's
mortgage proposal.