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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-10-08

In this issue:  The bailout, electric cars, and choosing the
right words.

Motley Fool provides a review of the $700 billion bailout
plan and the financial crisis.
Most businesses rely on credit because business cycles
require it.  Computing Unplugged takes a look at what the
bailout plan is supposed to accomplish, and what businesses
should do in the face of the credit squeeze.

Against a backdrop of Congress refusing to bail out the
banks, Bank Systems & Technology reports on a survey by
Cisco indicating that consumers' trust in banks is waning.
Citi was granted emergency injunction relief extending the
exclusivity agreement between it and Wachovia until further
notice, according to Bank Systems & Technology.
Registered Rep. says not everyone is pleased by the deal in
which Citigroup would buy Wachovia Corp.'s bank branches,
deposits and private bank -- including a number of high-end
Wachovia advisors.

With lithium-ion technology finally advanced enough for the
world to resurrect the electric car by late 2009, Popular
Mechanics says Toyota is questioning its viability.

Motley Fool claims inflation, not deflation, is the economic

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Nintendo's new DS is more smart than phone -- and while it
doesn't make phone calls, Motley Fool says it is just a
handshake away from making it happen.

Researchers say in Health that the decline of Wall Street,
the mortgage crisis, and the looming threat of layoffs may
take a heavy toll on your heart, especially if you are
already at risk for cardiac problems.

This Old House reports that eight homeowners saved over
$12,275 on energy using power-saving technologies.

Famed value investor Pabrai shares his thoughts on the
recent market turbulence in Motley Fool.
Motley Fool says it's a great time to be an investor.  No,
Motley Fool explains how to insure your portfolio against
huge losses using put options.

---Word Choice---
Successful people have a way with words.  They understand
the power of language, both written and spoken.  If you want
to improve your ability to get hired, be promoted, make more
sales, or simply make a point, Job Journal has some tips.