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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-10-01

In this issue:  What the TED spread says about the economy,
Android vs the iPhone, and Obama vs McCain on various issues.

---Financial Crisis---
After 75 years, our biggest financial mistakes have
returned, according to Motley Fool.
Harvard Business School faculty explored the origins and
possible outcomes of the U.S. financial crisis at a recent
"Turmoil on the Street" panel, according to HBS Working
Motley Fool discusses mythes, half-truths, and
inconsistencies about the bailout plan.
Motley Fool says the Paulson Plan needs to respect the
tenets of the free market.

Motley Fool says new rules seem destined to stick it to the
short sellers.
Motley Fool explains the TED spread and what it says about
the state of the economy.

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Popular Mechanics compares Google's Android to the iPhone.

Infrastructure in the United States, from the bridges we
commute across to the dams we've learned to ignore, is in a
state of disrepair.  Popular Mechanics looks at the
disparity between Obama and McCain on infrastructure.
As the US prepares for its presidential election, Chemistry
World looks at where each candidate stands on science.
When Sen. John McCain suggested renegotiating a key water
conservation agreement last month, the ensuing political
firestorm reminded voters just how important other "green"
topics have become, according to Popular Mechanics.
In the face of a financial crisis, Motley Fool says now is
no time for politics as usual.
Motley Fool warns that we are about to breach the milestone
of $10 trillion in national debt.
The presidents of the American Chemical Society and the
American Chemistry Council discuss their wishlists for the
new administration in Chemistry World.

---Real Estate---
AskMen gives advice on buying a a foreclosure property.
Now that the bubble has burst, let's be frank: it was absurd
to base our well-being on property prices, according to Time

Even following a U.N. declaration that Taser's products
amount to torture devices, Taser has become a major client
for thousands of other law-enforcement agencies worldwide
that want fewer officers firing guns, according to Popular

IEEE Spectrum says proponents of open-source voting systems
could put pressure on voting-machine makers, but critics say
it's not a cure-all.
How many times have you carefully planned your workday, only
to have the unexpected intervene?  What if it happens on
Election Day, and you can't make it to the polls? 
MyBusiness has the answer.