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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-09-24

In this issue:  The GM Volt, financial crisis, and unsafe
baby milk in China.

Popular Mechanics has eked out some details from engineers
on the Volt's propulsion technology, sale price and that
oh-so-iPod-esque interior.
Popular Mechanics says the key for GM will be to move as
quickly as possible -- faster than Toyota did -- in ramping
up production on the Volt.
GM designers and engineers are quietly laying the foundation
for what could become a full range of plug-in cars that the
company refers to as Extended-Range Electric Vehicles,
according to Popular Mechanics.

MIT engineer Marin Soljacic found a way to recharge portable
devices wirelessly, according to IEEE Spectrum.

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---Financial Crisis---
Motley Fool says it's too early to tell just how big the
taxpayer bill for the various bailouts, bank failures, and
bankruptcies might be.  But one thing is for sure: Mutual
fund shareholders have already taken a big hit.
Amid the initial euphoria of the government's bailout plan,
Motley Fool warns everyone not to overlook the costs and
consequences of the proposals that will likely be rammed
down our throats.
The law of unintended consequences is still stronger than
any bailout package or regulation, and the more strongly the
government intervenes, the bigger the problems it may cause,
according to Motley Fool.
There was another period of time when the financial system
was allowed to collapse and banks were allowed to fail left
and right.  Motley Fool says the ensuing period was so
horrific, no one dares to call it anything less than the
Great Depression.
The meltdown on Wall Street hit markets around the world. 
As companies count their losses, Time Europe says the human
cost emerges.
InternetNews says investors responded enthusiastically
Friday to the federal government's massive financial rescue
plan, but the long-term process of sorting winners and
losers is just beginning.
Even though it has a rock-solid, wonderful insurance
franchise, AIG's greed and lack of care in its investing
decisions took down one of the world's great companies. 
Motley Fool takes a look at how the world's largest insurer

Job Journal tells you how to break free from the same old
unproductive routines.

China's baby milk crisis has highlighted the need for the
country to improve detection standards for chemical
contaminants in foods, according Chemistry World.

IEEE Spectrum says Alexei Kitaev's theoretical studies may
lead the way to quantum computers that catch their own errors.