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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-09-17

In this issue:  Myths about credit scores, interest rates
unchanged, and things the Web can teach us.

Each student group competing in the four-year Challenge X
had modified a Chevrolet Equinox to lower its emissions,
reduce fuel consumption, and lessen its greenhouse-gas
impact, according to IEEE Spectrum.
Just four years separate the new EcoCar Challenge from its
predecessor, Challenge X.  IEEE Spectrum ponders whether its
student competitors can stay ahead of the industry itself.

---Credit Scores---
AskMen reviews five myths about credit scores.  Few of us
actually know the details involved in calculating a credit
score.  Worse yet, many of us hurt our credit scores because
of a lack of understanding.

The Motley Fool explains why Bernanke's decision to hold
interest rates steady was a good one.

Popular Mechanics lists the top 10 wild kitchen gadgets.
Need a place for your special stuff?  Popular Mechanics says
a hidden room behind a single-width bookcase can be
self-installed in under an hour.

  Organize large document sets:

Studying the Web will reveal better ways to exploit
information, prevent identity theft, revolutionize industry
and manage our ever growing online lives, according to
Scientific American.
Consider dropping your resistance to "open" social
networking and embrace it with a vengeance.  InternetNews
says it's the best thing to happen to our species since

Popular Mechanics tells you five things you need to know
about the Large Hadron Collider.
Popular Mechanics says some 400 physicists, engineers and
students just finished camping out at the Fermi National
Accelerator Laboratory through the night, awaiting the birth
of an extreme machine so powerful that it could soon reveal
what lent mass to the universe in the first place.

The sudden production rush that occurs during the fall
season can make the months of September, October and
November a living hell in most offices.  AskMen provides six
tips on how to survive this 3-month crunch without damaging
your career or your personal life.