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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-09-03

In this issue:  What your tastes say about you, why you
weigh what you do, and shedding your workaholic ways.

The FBI reveals more details of their Anthrax investigation
in Science News.  Genetic signatures of the bacteria were
prominent clues that eventually led the investigators to two
Erlenmeyer flasks at the U.S. Army Medical Research
Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick in Maryland.

IEEE Spectrum looks at how Will Wright, creator of The Sims,
gave life to his evolutionary and revolutionary new game, Spore.

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Our choices in books, movies, music, and art go to the core
of who we are.  Psychology Today explains what your tastes
reveal about you.

LOMA Resource takes a look at what financial services
companies are doing to address -- and protect -- the
retirement assets of the Baby Boomers.

Reverting adult cells to an embryonic state without creating
embryos is a tricky business, according to Science News.

Psychology Today reports that scientists are zeroing in on
the unexpected ways molecular forces - including genes and
viruses - impact your weight.

---Work Life---
Nothing important ever gets invented, created or built
without putting in some serious time.  Search Engine Watch
says if you want to get some real work done, you need to
stop accepting interruptions from the Internet, e-mail, cell
phone, texts, IM, and other technologies.
AskMen warns that "workaholism" can put a strain on your
relationships, damage your health and even blemish your
career by causing you to burn out, and provides tips for
overcoming it.

IEEE Spectrum ponders why so many jihadis are engineers.