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In this issue:  Mentally unstable geniuses, preparing for
Labor Day, and

Popular Mechanics says The Mad Scientist Hall of Fame is a
book that honors the greatest mentally unstable geniuses
(real and fictional) of history in true mad science fashion
-- using the tenets of forensic psychology to mentally
autopsy these savants.
 Buy the book:

The Motley Fool looks at Google's impact on the media industry.
It's understandable that an older-school company like NBC
may get some things wrong, and rely on old metrics to judge
success in its handling of the Olympics.  But Search Engine
Watch says Google didn't exactly turn in a world-record
performance for the Olympics either.

Popular Mechanics looks at the top 5 crazy car modifications
from the 2008 Woodward Dream Cruise:  A People-Powered
Quadcycle... A "GT-R" Super Sedan... The Devil's Joke... A
Kawasaki-Powered Three-Wheeler... A Corvette ZR1 Cop Car...

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AskMen provides some tips to help you know what to look for
in a personal trainer.

---Labor Day---
Popular Mechanics helps you with five skills that you should
master before Labor Day:  How to Grill the Perfect Burger...
How to Throw a Horseshoe... How to Build a Cornhole Set... 
How to Soothe a Sunburn... How to Make the Perfect
Cannonball Splash...

According to Time Europe, the big question now is whether
this international love affair with Russia as a place to do
business can continue.

The long-awaited report from the National Institute of
Standards and Technology conclusively rebuts claims that
explosives were involved in bringing down the twin towers,
according to Popular Mechanics.