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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-08-06

In this issue:  The argument for encouraging foreign direct
investment in the U.S., solar energy's future, and airplanes
running on empty.

Electric cars outshine performance purists at the British
International Motor Show as carbon concerns loom, according
to IEEE Spectrum.

Popular Mechanics tests four portable hard drives to see how
well they stand up to abuse.

The quake preparedness of Los Angeles was put to the test
recently, but only barely.  Popular Mechanics ponders
whether the U.S. is ready for a bigger earthquake.
Rather than wait for another Katrina, Popular Mechanics
reports that scientists at the International Hurricane
Research Center in Miami are putting a full-scale hurricane
inside a lab.

HBS Working Knowledge argues that foreign direct investment
in U.S. companies should, based on economics, be encouraged.

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If the chain of evidence on Mars bears out, and NASA's
ongoing robotic experiments on the Red Planet eventually
yield proof of life, Popular Mechanics says it could open an
entirely new field of research for biologists.
Popular Mechanics reports that the Phoenix has definitely
found water ice on Mars.  The mission will be extended, but
team leaders aren't sure how long the lander will last, so
they're gathering as much information and evidence as possible.

Washington has dramatically changed course overseas,
agreeing to diplomatic concessions it once derided as
softheaded and dangerous -- including the possibility of a
phased withdrawal from Iraq, according to Time Europe.

---Solar Energy---
MIT announced on Thursday afternoon a new method of
splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, predicting that it
will unleash a "solar revolution."  And Popular Mechanics
believes they're partly right.
IEEE Spectrum believes First Solar's thin-film solar cells
could compete with coal within five years.

IEEE Spectrum says airlines are now putting the minimum
amount of fuel in planes necessary to reach their
destinations, but questions whether they are underestimating
the amount they need.

Popular Mechanics provides 11 tips for staying comfortable
as temperatures soar.