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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-07-30

In this issue:  Web conferencing, impact of the stimulus
package, and the safety of scented products.

---Air Quality---
Chemistry World says chemists have played a vital role in
improving Beijing's air quality for the Olympics, guiding
the government's massive clean-up operation by highlighting
and monitoring major pollution sources.

Entrepreneur reports on new services that let you hold
instant web conferences -- anytime, anywhere, often for free.

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It seems Comic-Con is transforming each year, getting bigger
and louder in the process, according to Popular Mechanics.
In the 30 years since Richard Donner's Superman, Popular
Mechanics says visual-effects technology has advanced to the
point that filmmakers can now twist reality like a comic
book -- but do it convincingly.

The Motley Fool says the federal budget deficit is now
estimated to come close to $490 billion,  That's quite a
leap from the $400 billion or so expected this year.  Part
of the cause of the jump?  The stimulus package, of course.

Chemistry World says a long-running controversy over the
safety of scented household products has flared up once
again, with the publication of a US study.
This Old House tells you ten ways to make use of your old jeans.

Billionaire hedge-fund manager T. Boone Pickens testified
before the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Tuesday to
outline his new wind-power plan, but it's a water pipeline
initiative that could reshape the landscape of Texas'
drought dilemma, according to Popular Mechanics.