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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-07-09

In this issue:  Fireworks, DIY home inspection, and the
cause of high oil prices.

---Bicycle Mods---
From jet engines to flotation devices, Popular Mechanics
describes some unusual bicycle modifications.

Search Engine Watch says Microsoft was set to save Yahoo
from certain death with a solid offer to purchase assets,
but according to yesterday's shareholder presentation the
deal wasn't such a great idea.

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Blowing up huge caches of fireworks doesn't just celebrate
our freedom; it certifies it -- a patriotic act our Founding
Fathers would have readily endorsed, according to Reason.
Pyrotechnic displays are staples of America's birthday and
other celebrations, but Popular Mechanics says the chemicals
that produce their eye-catching effects are nothing to cheer

Not every home holds dangerous secrets -- yet more
homeowners than ever could be facing unseen trouble.  Follow
Popular Mechanics' do-it-yourself guide for spotting trouble

Motley Fool says that many factors have played a role in
oil's rise, but it's a little troubling that apparently, no
one blames themselves for consuming too much oil -- at least
according to survey results.

Scientific American claims the iPhone and even wilder
interfaces could improve collaboration without a mouse or