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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-07-02

In this issue:  Wind farms to the rescue, the job you don't
want, and high-tech Olympic gear.

Fast Company tells you how to get your audience to
understand -- and care about -- your innovation.

AskMen lists the top 10 valuable collector's items from key
moments in sporting history.  They are out there, but got
shuffled away in the excitement of victory.  And someone
might just have one of them among his family treasures.

In spite of Washington's inaction, Investment Advisor says
wind farms could go a long way toward reducing carbon emissions
Popular Mechanics provides simple tricks that will help you
save fuel -- without ripping your car apart.

---Job Search---
AskMen points out things you may encounter during an
interview that should make you reconsider pursuing the job.

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AskMen points out some mistakes you should avoid when taking
on a debt consolidation loan.

Popular Mechanics lists the 10 funniest spy gadgets in movies.
The full-length documentary "Note by Note: The Making of
Steinway l1037" is a fascinating account of the yearlong
process of building one Steinway grand piano, according to
Culture Vulture.

This August in Beijing, Olympic athletes will rely on the
best gear in the world to perform at their peak.  Wired
looks at the top tech.

Culture Vulture says J. Peter Scoblic's recent book, "U.S.
vs. Them," at times disregards the impact of corporate
profit, but deftly reveals the American Right's malign
influence on international politics.  And his warnings about
nuclear security may well prove horrifyingly prescient.
Fast Company looks at the locations the Democrats and
Republicans have chosen for their conventions.

AskMen tells you how to tweak your internal clock in four steps.