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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-06-25

In this issue:  Securing the border, food safety, and saving
money while keeping cool.

---Border Security---
National Defense discusses pilot projects for securing the
U.S. border and the potential cost.
Dormant as a national issue until late 2005, National
Defense says securing the southern border suddenly became an
intensely debated subject and a political hot potato.

Popular Mechanics says digital models of possible flood
outcomes might just help prevent developers from building in
the most vulnerable spots around the country's biggest and
most dangerous river.

Are tainted tomatoes, beef and lemons worth worrying about?
 Some of the country's leading health experts put everyday
food threats in perspective in Popular Mechanics.

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Popular Mechanics suggests five ways to save money while
keeping your home cool this summer.
Popular Mechanics lists five home repairs that you should
not try alone.

AskMen names the top 10 best credit cards for great rates
and rewards.

Want to keep the IT guys from casually snooping on your
email at work?  Popular Mechanics suggests some ways to get

---Support the Troops---
Feeling patriotic this Fourth of July?  Entrepreneur
suggests following the lead of four entrepreneurs who've
built businesses that help soldiers overseas and let the
troops know how much they're appreciated.

Fed up with rebate hassles, nagging software, and skimpy
support?  PC World lists its ten of its gripes about
technology companies.

The Hawk-Eye system for calling balls in/out created a stir
at Wimbledon again.  IEEE Spectrum says Cardiff University
researchers are questioning how the technology is used, and
the inventor is pushing back.

Home Theater reports that Sony has unveiled a 32-inch LCD TV
that the company says has the world's lowest power
consumption at that size.