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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-06-18

In this issue:  Salvage your soggy cell phone, take the
Segway seriously, and help the elderly and disabled.

---Cell Phones---
AskMen says there's a cool summer cell phone for every type
of personality, whether you're a dapper dude in a tailored
suit for a night out on the town or a rock star strolling
about to your daily soundtrack.
Even if a wet cellphone seems dead, there's a good chance it
can be salvaged.  Popular Mechanics tells you how.

Time Asia says that Coca-Cola is pledging to become "water
neutral" -- every drop of water it uses to produce beverages
will be returned to the earth or compensated for through
conservation and recycling programs.

We all know that oil's rise has dented consumers' bottom
line.  Motley Fool ponders how much of those anticipated
stimulus checks will go towards oil's mounting tab.

  Explore large document sets:

Global Services looks at how outsourcing to India has
changed over the last decade.

For many Europeans, no matter how hard he tries, George Bush
will always be considered an ignorant, incurious cowboy,
according to Time Europe.

---Search Engine Optimization---
Now that the Democrats have finally picked Barack Obama to
run against Republican John McCain in the 2008 U.S.
Presidential election, Search Engine Watch says it's a good
time to examine the two candidates' Web sites from a SEO

Popular Mechanics gives four practical reasons why the
Segway isn't actually that lame anymore.

Two more big names are now set to join the pantheon of
private citizens turned space tourists.  And, you guessed
it, they're both rich nerds, according to Popular Mechanics.

Hundreds of organizations perform minor home repairs and
landscape work for the elderly and disabled.  This Old House
tells you how to start or join a volunteer program where you
can put your home improvement skills to work.

America's current system for detecting tornadoes, devices
tracking a storm's direction and velocity, has been the
backbone of weather prediction since the early 1990s, but
Popular Mechanics reports claims by experts that the system
is deeply flawed.

About 300 Americans die in a sinking car every year.  AskMen
tells you want to do if you find yourself facing that same
watery grave.