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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-06-11

In this issue:  The history of Bill Gates, why expensive gas
is good, and problems of the poor.

AskMen reviews ultrathin MP3 players.

---Bill Gates---
This month is Bill Gates' last as a full-time Microsoft
employee, so Wired takes a look back at his storied career.

Want to let China know how you feel about its behavior?  
Outside suggests that you change the channel and boycott the

Popular Mechanics reports that Ausra has built a prototype
of a system that will become the largest solar thermal
energy facility in the United States.

  More Efficient E-Discovery

BusinessWeek reports on a new poll saying few Americans
blame the oil industry for $4-a-gallon gas.
The Motley Fool says we should embrace $4 gasoline.  The
ultimate goal is to wean ourselves from our love affair with
oil altogether, not to make gas prices lower.  There's only
one ultimate solution to the oil dilemma:  to consume less oil.

Apartheid may have made racist despots out of whites; it
seems that globalization amid inequality and enduring
poverty can make a bigot out of anybody, according to Time
For the world's impoverished masses, who already spend most
of their earnings simply feeding themselves, that margin
between survival and starvation has become uncomfortably
narrow, according to Time Europe.

Time Europe reports on the 100 Thing Challenge, a
grass-roots movement in which otherwise seemingly normal
folks are pledging to whittle down their possessions to a
mere 100 items.

Not sold on the idea of leaving your trash on display? 
Popular Mechanics provides a few design ideas regarding the
location recycling containers, including under-counter options.
In 1608, French explorer Samuel de Champlain landed in the
New World and established a fur-trading settlement at a spot
where the St. Lawrence River narrows.  To mark its founding
400 years ago, Time Europe says Quebec City is throwing a
year-long bash.