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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-06-04

In this issue:  Energy from algae, panning carbon credits,
and remodeling on a budget.

---Background Checks---
BusinessWeek says employee screening has become a big
business, but not always an accurate one.

IEEE Spectrum says that two automotive conferences show the
impact of public policy on core vehicle designs.

---CEO Pay---
The Motley Fool looks at the issue of CEO pay.

Survival is not just a product of luck.  We can do far more
than we think to improve our odds of preventing and
surviving even the most horrendous of catastrophes,
according to Time Europe.

Two years ago, there were less than a handful of companies
chasing the next wave of so-called "pond scum" power. 
Today, Popular Mechanics says there are dozens, many backed
by big energy industry players.

Wired says that climate changes is inevitable, so people
should get used to it.
Wired warns that carbon offsets -- and emissions-trading
schemes, their industrial-scale siblings -- are the
environmental version of subprime mortgages.

    Organize Your Documents

Though mission controllers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab may
have temporarily been at the helm of the Phoenix Mars
Lander, Popular Mechanics says it's the science team at the
University of Arizona that will steer the rest of the
landmark mission.

---Middle East---
Today's accumulation of riches in the Gulf is the stuff of
dreams.  Time Europe says the soaring profits from oil and
natural gas are driving the region's wealth into the

According to Culture Vulture Indiana Jones and the Kingdom
of the Crystal Skull is entertaining, but less than inspired.

Get tips to save on your next remodeling project from two
budget-minded homeowners in This Old House.

Popular Mechanics looks at the global black market for
antiaircraft missiles.

The singularity is supposed to begin shortly after engineers
build the first computer with greater-than-human
intelligence.  IEEE Spectrum looks at different opinions
about the possibility.
After seven major incinerations in the past century --
including Sunday's colossal, twelve-hour blaze -- Popular
Mechanics says Universal Studios' Backlot sets might just
seem cursed.