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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-05-28

In this issue:  Ants vs. electronics, cancer from meat, and
the Phoenix lands on Mars.

In politics -- and business -- being curious and embracing
change are what matters, not age, according to BusinessWeek.

Home Theater reports that a newly recognized species of ant
is shorting out computers and other electronic gear in Texas.

The "click it or ticket" campaign is cracking down on young
drivers and passengers not buckled up during nighttime, when
the odds of being killed in a motor vehicle crash are three
times greater, according to U.S. NHTSA.

What generates more CO2, heating or air-conditioning?  Wired
has the answer.

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AskMen looks at the connection between meat, and how it's
cooked, and cancer.

Millions of people who need sound financial advice cannot
afford it, and may not know where to go even if they could
pay.  Investment Advisor says those are the people helped by
the Foundation for Financial Planning.
The Motley Fool looks at how Bill Gates invests his money.

Popular Mechanics reports that NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander
successfully touched down on Sunday night in an unexplored
region near the Martian north pole.

AskMen suggests that you take some lessons from Bushido --
the 1,000-year-old Japanese code of conduct -- and apply
them to your own life.