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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-05-21

In this issue:  China's earthquake, the benefits of green
roofs, and the hazards of carbon nanotubes.

According to Chemistry World, China's biggest earthquake in
over 30 years has hit the country's fertilizer producers,
sending authorities rushing to contain chemical leaks and
protect water supplies.

Green roofs are gaining popularity in U.S. commercial real
estate development.   This article from National Real Estate
Investor looks at the benefits and costs.

Chemistry World reports that long straight carbon nanotubes
may be as dangerous as asbestos fibers, potentially causing
cancer in cells lining the lung, a pilot study in mice has

The happy tax-free days of internet shopping may finally be
winding down with the introduction in Congress of the Sales
Tax Fairness and Simplification Act, according to Home Theater.