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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-04-30

In this issue:   Advice from Steve Carell, good grilling,
and an end to suburban sprawl.

Natural gas requires the least water to produce energy,
biofuels the most, according to a new study that IEEE
Spectrum reviews.
As the pump price climbs ever higher and the population
ages, U.S. road traffic is falling -- and so is fuel
consumption, according to BusinessWeek.

---Environmental Awareness---
Information Today reports that The Ad Council, Datran Media,
and Zinio collaborated on a sustainable digital media
campaign called Earth Day Now to raise environmental
awareness in the U.S.

Wired gets advice from Steve Carell, the man who plays
hapless half-wit Michael Scott on NBC's The Office, about
how to act brilliant.

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The keys to good grilling are indirect grilling, radiant
heat., sear marks and coal control -- and there's a perfect
grill for each one of these, according to Popular Mechanics.

Popular Mechanics takes a look at five new home appliances
including The Robo Toilet and The Zen Clock.

AskMen helps you find the right online broker.

---Suburban Sprawl---
BusinessWeek has a conversation with author James Kunstler,
who thinks that given oil supply constraints, the U.S. will
have to rethink suburban sprawl, bringing an end to strip
malls and other trappings of the automotive era.