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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-04-23

In this issue:  Airlines' secrets, spurring innovation, and
the key to the Democratic nomination.

Smart Money tells you the things your airline doesn't want
you to know.
Cynthia Furse, a professor of electromagnetics at the
University of Utah, is interviewed by IEEE Spectrum about
the hidden hazards of airplane wiring.

Health teaches you five things you should know about auto

Fast Company claims that contests actually work to spur
innovation.  So should we use them for everything?

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IEEE Spectrum takes a tour of Stanford University's new
Environment & Energy Building, which is filled with
innovations that save energy and water and make life inside
more pleasant.

Having fiscal responsibility when it comes to credit will
pay dividends later in life, and following AskMen's
guidelines to credit card maintenance is a step in the right

Popular Mechanics explains what your cell phone can reveal
about your location.
Dirt and dust trapped in the headphones of the iPhone can
trick a sensor inside the jack into thinking the headphones
are plugged in, and thus mute the phone.  Popular Mechanics
tells you how to clean the jack.

BusinessWeek explains why lower-middle-class white women
could be key to the Democratic nomination -- and victory in
the fall.

Fast Company reports that the European Organization for
Nuclear Research (CERN) will power up later this summer and
start smashing particles together to try to understand the
beginnings of the universe.