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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-04-09

In this issue:  Car safety features, the state of things in
Iraq, and the Bear Stearns bailout.

Infrared beams.  Thermal imaging.  It's a brave new world of
auto safety.  Smart Money tells you which features are
Although still not quite set for prime time, Popular
Mechanics says it's easy to get excited about the Volt --
which could be America's first production plug-in hybrid
vehicle.  GM is now testing two batteries in what amounts to
a horse race for the future of driving.

IEEE Spectrum warns web sites and bloggers that copyright
law applies to them too.

While educators debate whether there is a "boy crisis" in
American universities, Time Europe says colleges are quietly
stripping the pastels from brochures and launching Xbox
tournaments to try to close the gap in the quality and
quantity of boys applying.

At the fifth anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq,
and a little more than a year since the start of the surge,
Time Europe says more shops are open, buildings have fresh
coats of paint, and Americans are greeted with tea and smiles.

  Organize your Documents

Chemistry World reports that a key US congressional
committee has slapped the Environmental Protection Agency
with a subpoena for documents pertaining to global warming.
HBS Working Knowledge describes how the U.S. taxes
corporations' foreign profits, and makes a case for
exempting foreign profit from taxes if proper safeguards are
put in place.
Motley Fool reports on recent congressional hearings on the
Fed's role in bailing out Bear Stearns.

AskMen looks at some of the things you don't know about
How Microsoft turned a new device from breakthrough to
novelty, just by sitting on it for a technological eternity,
according to Popular Mechanics.

---Wake Up--- 
When it feels like half past six, but it's only 2 p.m.,
AskMen tells you what you can do to recharge your batteries
and get to the end of the work day.