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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-04-02

In this issue:  Energy efficiency, finding a good
contractor, and phony IRS notices.

Wired says amateur entrepreneurs can arrange for custom
manufacturing of their new products and establish instant
businesses with the help of web commerce.

Popular Mechanics debunks seven myths about energy efficiency.

Sure, there are honest contractors.  But there are rip-off
artists too.  This Old House tells you what warning signs to
watch for.

  Organize your Documents

Smart Money went trolling for discounts in the doctor's
office to find out just how much work it takes.

Information Today warns that with the increase in online tax
filing there is also a greater chance of of getting scammed.
 Phishing scams abound that mimic IRS notices to try to get
bank account and other personal information.

If the pricetag on that giant plasma seems excessive, guess
what?  Home Theater says you might get a lower price just by
asking for it.