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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-03-12

In this issue:  Striking up a conversation, boosting your
metabolism, and avoiding foreclosure.

Need to organize thousands of documents?

AskMen teaches you how to be a more daring person who will
approach others and start a conversation that will continue
on its own momentum.

Registered Rep. says concern over the so-called sovereign
wealth funds' recent investments in big global companies and
U.S. banks are overblown.

As more computer chips are made overseas, Popular Mechanics
says the risk of hardware tampering increases, from stealing
consumer data to crashing government networks.  But how real
is the threat?

---Global Warming---
Changing water levels and warmer temperatures will
necessitate major adaptations from transportation officials
if the United States wants to protect its systems of travel
by air, land and sea, according to Popular Mechanics.

Think you're stuck with a slow fat-burning system?  Health
provides simple strategies will help you boost your metabolism.
Science News reports on a new study suggesting that
out-of-the-blue colorectal cancers may arise from nonpolyp

Worried you won't be able to make your mortgage payments? 
This Old House provides 11 tips for avoiding foreclosure.
AskMen says your bank may offer you access to more services
online than you think -- services that might make your life
a whole lot easier if you use them properly.

InternetNews takes a look at the tech gear used by the
underworld.  Are you being spied on with a spy gadget?

AskMen asks:  What is a moderate amount of alcohol? 
Cigarettes?  Caffeine?  Sleep deprivation?