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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-02-06

In this issue:  Picking the right boat, status of the surge,
and limiting the BlackBerry.

If you're interested in servicing and maintaining your boat,
Boating World tells you what to look for when shopping for a
new model.

Although the Bush administration's plan to deal with the
subprime problem might help relieve some of today's
financial strains, Financial Advisor thinks it will do so
only at the expense of longer-term costs.
The Motley Fool says the only thing that the Bush
administration's stimulus plan might stimulate is a bigger
financial mess.

One year and 937 U.S. fatalities later, Time Europe says the
surge is a fragile and limited success; it has helped
stabilize the capital and its surroundings but has yet to
spark the political gains that could set the stage for a
larger American withdrawal.
InternetNews reports that the Canadian government is trying
to promote a work-life balance by discouraging use of
BlackBerries at night or on the weekend.