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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-01-09

In this issue:  Tough times for HD DVD, healthy sunlight,
and the best places to raise kids.

---HD DVD---
The loss of Warner Bros. struck a blow for Blu-ray's
supporters, but InternetNews says the high-definition format
battle is far from over.

Hold the sunscreen -- at least for a few minutes. 
Psychology Today says evidence is emerging that some
unfiltered sun exposure repels ills, from heart disease to
cancer to multiple sclerosis, not to mention depression --
enough to add seven years to your life.

Pakistan will continue on, limping and damaged, after the
assassination of Benazir Bhutto.  Time Asia says the
question that remains is how the country will find life for
itself without constantly celebrating death?

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Popular Mechanics reveals the top 20 Products from CES 2008.
Japan's NTT Communications Corp. is busy developing its
Kaori Tsushin, or Fragrance Communications, as a way to pull
our noses into the equation.  IEEE Spectrum wonders if aroma
advertising will pass the smell test.

BusinessWeek shares feedback it received from readers about
its article on the best places to raise your kids.
Job Journal tells you how to ensure that you'll keep your
New Year's resolutions.