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Best wishes for the holidays from your friends at  Thanks for reading.

In this issue:  Russia's next President, news on HIV, and
distinguishing fact from fiction in the movie I Am Legend.

The campaign is over before it began:  Dmitry Medvedev will
be Russia's next President.  According to Time Europe, one
of Medvedev's first acts will be asking incumbent Vladimir
Putin to serve as his Prime Minister after the elections in
March 2008.

The Motley Fool points out a few things you can do to
prepare yourself for economic headwinds down the road.  Some
of the basic investment principals you should already be
following will become increasingly important should interest
rates begin to rise in the future.

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Time Europe says part of the reason for Mike Huckabee's
campaign success so far may be that it reflects new currents
in evangelical thought; he is the most ardent social
conservative of the Republican candidates, but he is also
the one who takes the economic anxieties of the lower middle
class most seriously.
Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo trails the G.O.P.
presidential front runners in the polls, but he's hoping to
win over primary voters with his hard-line stance on illegal
immigration, according to Time Europe.

Chemistry World reports that Scientists have identified a
protein in human semen that increases the risk of HIV
infection up to 100,000 fold.  The discovery could provide
new drug targets and strategies for combating the global
AIDS epidemic.
How much of the movie I Am Legend is fact, and how much is
fiction?  Popular Mechanics consults experts in the fields
of structural engineering, virology and wildlife to
determine what could happen and what certainly won't.