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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-12-12

In this issue:  Hugo Chavez, Mike Huckabee, and robots.

Now that details are available, Motley Fool looks at Bush's
mortgage bailout.
Motley Fool says the bailout plan being considered in
Washington will be absolutely disastrous for any Americans
who bothered to play by the rules.  Read on for just a few
reasons why.

Popular Mechanics says the 2008 Lamborghini Reventon is the
rarest, most extreme modern Lamborghini to date.

Motley Fool points out that we face a predicament:  One part
of our economy demands lower interest rates to bail out the
housing debacle, but foreign investors who finance our
massive spending habits demand higher interest rates to
forestall the dollar's demise.

The Motley Fool says ethanol, the corn-based petroleum
substitute, has gone from panacea to pariah in the U.S. in
just one growing season.

Chemistry World reports that a study has for the first time
confirmed the proposed link between dietary intake of
acrylamide and cancer -- five years after the suspected
carcinogen was detected in cooked food.

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Despite losing an election, Chavez is still a destructive
force.  The Motley Fool says U.S. oil imports could still be
at risk.

Mike Huckabee, a former Baptist preacher and Governor of
Arkansas, has surged to the front of the Republican field in
the Iowa caucuses.  Time Europe says no candidate in either
party has done more with less this year.

Bomb-squad bots are already a common tool for local law
enforcement agencies and the military, but remote-controlled
firefighters are just now making it into the field,
according to Popular Mechanics.
Using microprocessors and motors to automatically tune the
strings in seconds, the Gibson Robot Guitar puts an end to
manual peg-twisting, according to Popular Mechanics.

Combining digital radar equipment with unmanned aircraft
gives scientists a much-needed edge in understanding why the
polar ice sheets are undergoing rapid changes, according to
Popular Mechanics.

PC World provides advice on buying an HDTV.