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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-12-05

In this issue:  Your doctor's secrets, T-rays, and lessons
from Iraq.

A major Towers Perrin research study finds that learning and
development is one of the key factors in increasing employee
engagement, which, in turn, is linked to a company's
financial performance, according to LOMA Resource.

This Old House recommends that you choose a live Christmas
tree to extend the holiday spirit long past the holidays. 
Buy one now, plant it later, then watch it grow year after year.

Smart Money tells you 10 things that your primary-care
physician won't.

People who shouldn't have qualified for a mortgage got their
keys to a piece of the American dream.  Now the bill is
coming due, and The Motley Fool doesn't think rates should
be frozen to bail them out.
The Motley Fool says Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson's plan
to protect homebuyers from their mistakes will punish us all.

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Popular Mechanics reports on Taser's response to a U.N.
committee's declaration that their stun guns are a form of
torture.  The company claims the committee is "out of touch
with the reality that confronts law enforcement officers
every day worldwide."

While X-rays do a pretty good job, Popular Mechanics says a
new portable scanner for medical imaging and security
screening may be a better option.

Wired says that Iraq has taught us that the critical
networks in a war are social, not electronic.