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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-11-21

Hot Neuron wishes a great Thanksgiving for all of our readers!

In this issue:  Best countries for business, home prices,
and shopping tips.

Time Europe reports on the best countries for global
business, according to the Global Competitiveness Index.

Where are home prices headed?  Smart Money provides data on
the 330 biggest U.S. markets.
With the sudden panic gripping the world's financial markets
in the wake of the U.S. sub-prime crisis, as well as
real-and-present dangers, Time Europe talks to global
economists about the outlook.

The World Cancer Research Fund releases a report -- Food,
Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Cancer: A
Global Perspective -- that unambiguously spells out the
things we can do to substantially reduce the risk of getting
the disease.  But Time Asia wonders if people will modify
their behavior in response.
Health presents a list of the twelve germiest places you're
likely to encounter, and provides suggestions for reducing
your risk of infection.

The holiday season is a bustling time of year in most
kitchens, but also lends itself well to a kitchen fire,
warns This Old House.
This Old House says going for a native Christmas tree can
save you money and headaches long after you toss the tinsel.

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Time Asia says the new financial sanctions against Iran
unveiled by the U.S. take a page from the playbook
Washington used -- successfully, in its view -- to force
North Korea to shut down its nuclear-weapons program.
Time Europe reports that Republican Senator Chuck Grassley
is probing into the possible misuse of donations made to
religious organizations.

With the right technology -- and the best Web sites -- the
Friday after Thanksgiving can be your day to score great
deals, according to InternetNews.

Information Age speculates on what Microsoft might do with
pattern-recognition technology tied to EEG signals that it
has filed a patent application for.
Wired reports on a much-anticipated Silicon Valley startup
called 23andMe that offers a thorough tour of your
genealogy, tracing your DNA back through the eons.

Popular Mechanics describes how crime labs investigate
illegal killings of endangered species.
This Old House warns that compact fluorescent lightbulbs
contain mercury, and tells you how to dispose of them properly.