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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-11-07

In this issue:  Contaminated wells, HIV's origin, and
technology helping terrorists.

USGS scientists report that 25 wells in Nevada contained the
carcinogenic, radioactive isotope polonium-210.  Of these
wells, 13 exceeded the U.S. EPA's Maximum Contaminant Level
for gross alpha radioactivity in a public water supply,
according to GeoTimes.

New analysis of 25-year-old blood samples indicates that HIV
reached the United States from Haiti in about 1969, 12 years
before AIDS was first formally described, according to
Science News.

Terrorists are leveraging information technology to
organize, recruit, and learn -- and the West is struggling
to keep up.  IEEE Spectrum says the conflict in Iraq
highlights how the open global access to increasingly
powerful technological tools is in effect allowing small
groups to declare war on nations.