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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-10-31

Happy Halloween from your friends at MagPortal!

In this issue:  Warning about analog TV, property taxes, and
secrets of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Overloading a home's wiring system and taking DIY shortcuts
are two of the major reasons behind the 32,000 electrical
fires that occur in homes each year, according to This Old
Imagine you have 10 minutes to leave your house because of a
fire.  What do you take?  Time Europe has some suggestions.

---Home Theater---
Home Theater reports that the FCC is fining retailers for
selling analog televisions without adequately warning
consumers that these sets will become obsolete with the end
of analog broadcasting on February 17, 2009.
Is your home theater cluttered with gear?  Popular Mechanics
tells you how to get it organized.

  Make your website more interesting:

Regain some inner peace by following four steps outlined in
AskMen to reach a state of complete relaxation.

In the past decade, a wave of researchers using scans has
laid bare the rough schematics of how our brains handle
fear, memory, risk-taking, romantic love and other mental
processes.  Popular Mechanics says the technology could soon
go even further, pulling back the curtain guarding our most
private selves.

The housing market may have softened, but many homeowners
are discovering one place where their property values remain
at peak levels: on local property-tax rolls.  BusinessWeek
tells you how to appeal your home's assessment.

If you think long lines and sullen clerks are the DMV's only
problem, Smart Money says you should think again.