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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-10-03

In this issue:  Picking an HDTV, checking up on politicians,
and Sputnik.

Global Services says that 40-plus IBMers from 11
nationalities recently met on the virtual platform of and created a "cultural connect."
In the U.S., corporate rooftops are the latest frontier in
solar energy generation, according to IEEE Spectrum.

PC World's lab tests show that plasma screens still have an
edge over LCD at 40-42" and you can get a surprisingly
pleasing picture without splurging.
AskMen looks at HDTVs that fight reflections.

Popular Mechanics reports on a new fire extinguisher that
could help save your house, but not because of any chemical
breakthrough.  It simply looks good enough to be at the ready.

---House Hunting---
Smart Money says a new generation of web sites offers house
hunters a gold mine of information about their prospective
  Make your website more interesting:

In turbulent times like these, BusinessWeek says the "rules"
for asset allocation often go out the window.

Information Today points out websites that verify the
statements of politicians with their voting policy and with
previous statements made.

Fifty years ago this month, the Soviet Union launched the
world's first device into orbit.  IEEE Spectrum reports the
facts about Sputnik.

IEEE Spectrum reports on a new wireless device that will let
coaches pull football players before they suffer brain damage.

A Web site built with house hunters in mind is also helpful
to travelers searching for points of interest, according to