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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-09-26

In this issue:  Biofuels and global warming, a new tool for
Navy SEALs, and hacking electronic voting systems.

Chemistry World says a study has found that biofuels could
boost global warming.  The findings come in the wake of a
recent OECD report, which warned nations not to rush
headlong into growing energy crops because they cause food
shortages and damage biodiversity.

More stealthy and prevalent than ever before, Popular
Mechanics says corporate security software is monitoring
your every move -- inside and out of the office.

AskMen gives tips about e-mail to help you avoid mistakes
that can hurt your business reputation.

  Make your website more interesting:

Navy SEALs might not like it at first, but this dolphin-like
device will let them reach targets fast -- and without
having to catch their breath.  And unlike many DARPA
programs, Popular Mechanics says PowerSwim is coming soon.

California computer scientists have found ways to hack into
electronic voting systems, causing vendors who submitted
systems -- Diebold Election Systems, Hart InterCivic, and
Sequoia Voting Systems -- to be temporarily decertified,
according to PC Magazine.

An independent panel of scientists appointed by the UK
government has rejected claims that organophosphate nerve
toxins from engine oil fumes are causing ill-health among
pilots, according to Chemistry World.  The Aerotoxic
Association lobby group called the conclusions criminal.