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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-09-19

In this issue:  Fuel economy, Greenspan and the housing
market, and Japan seeks a new Prime Minister.

Wine Enthusiast says grape growers in the Napa and Sonoma
wine countries are supporting an innovative pilot program to
employ dogs to sniff out a pernicious pest in the vineyards.

There is much talk recently from companies blaming the
housing market crisis on a "perfect storm" scenario, thereby
exonerating lenders and borrowers from any culpability. 
Motley Fool questions whether it is warranted.

Can the U.S. improve fuel economy without sacrificing
safety?  Scientific American has some thoughts.

---Do It Yourself---
There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that what used to be
taken for granted as ordinary mechanical skills now amounts
to something unusual.  Popular Mechanics says various
aspects of how we raise our children contribute to this.

  Make your website more interesting:

Is it possible that ex-Federal Reserve Chief Alan Greenspan
could have failed to understand the dynamics of what was
going on in the housing market?   Motley Fool says it's not

---Emergency Preparedness---
According to National Defense, a recent report suggests that
federal agencies might not be better prepared to handle
another major in-flight emergency like 9/11, should one

Couples looking to conceive should memorize Delicious
Living's list of "his and her" organic must-buys.

Time Asia reports that Japan is looking for a new Prime
Minister, since Shinzo Abe suddenly resigned, allegedly due
to a snub from a rival.  Hopefully it will be someone who
can provide the leadership that Japan so obviously needs.

Wired reports that Google will award $20 million to the
first private team to put a robot on the moon.

AskMen provides advice on how to stand out in a crowd.