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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-09-12

In this issue:  Disgruntled employees, human-animal hybrids,
and near-death experiences.

Job Journal warns that switching to 401k's won't salvage
under-funded retirements.
Disgruntled employees can sue employers at any time. 
Financial Planning provides some common employee relations
mistakes management should avoid.

The Franklin Mint and Marvel's Surfer already have proven
themselves more powerful than the U.S. government in one
respect:  While Washington's seal made a coin worth only a
quarter, the image of the Surfer made it worth $72 on eBay,
according to Reason.
Since 1996 e-gold has enabled consumers to use private
digital currencies backed by precious metals.  Reason
reports that a federal grand jury indicted the enterprise,
on charges that include money laundering, conspiracy, and
operating an unlicensed money-transmitting business.

  Make your website more interesting:

As allegations of copyright infringement are used in Russia
to crack-down on organizations hostile to the Kremlin's
agenda, Motley Fool wonders if Microsoft will be found
guilty by association.

For homeowners with adjustable-rate mortgages, recent talk
about possible cuts in interest rates is sparking
celebrations.  There's a catch, though.  While some interest
rates have already gone down, Motley Fool says others will
still rise.
Motley Fool says credit-rating agencies are preparing to be
probed by the attorney generals of New York and Ohio, as
well as the SEC, as to how they managed to package pools of
low-quality loans into groups and pass off portions of it as
being A-list.

The chimerical future is here.  Motley Fool reports that
Britain's Human Fertilization and Embryo Authority announced
that it will permit scientists to create human-animal hybrid
It's almost certain that near-death experiences happen in
the theater of one's mind, and that in the absence of
resuscitation, it's the brain's final sound and light show,
followed by oblivion.  Nonetheless, Time Europe says there's
still no definitive explanation.  There mightn't be a ghost
in the machine, but it's a machine whose complexities remain
well beyond our grasp.