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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-09-05

In this issue:  Politically incorrect truths about human
nature, major issues confronting American workers, and
professional etiquette.

The Motley Fool says the energy bill meandering through
Congress won't solve anything.  The considerations in it,
fuel-efficiency, biofuels, and pump price-gouging, would be
commendable if, collectively, they were capable of even
putting a dent in our looming energy crisis.

---Human Nature---
Psychology Today reveals ten politically incorrect truths
about human nature.

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For decades, financial incentive packages have been a common
way for states to woo business.  The benefits for the
business are easy to see.  Whether it's a good deal for
taxpayers, though, is another matter, according to Motley Fool.
President Bush is asking Congress to try to help distressed
American debtors.  However, you can't fix a deflating asset
bubble by reinflating it, and Motley Fool thinks the
President's idea to expand FHA insurance will not remedy the
subprime situation.

Retailers promote a new Labor Day kickoff for Christmas
shopping.  Motley Fool looks at what it will it mean to the
average consumer.

Is anyone really paying attention to the plight of American
workers?  Job Journal takes a look at some of the major
issues confronting American workers in 2007.
The ever-expanding rulebook of professional etiquette can
make it hard to keep up, but the following business blunders
are universally condemned.  AskMen tells you how to spot
them and what you can do to stay in the safe zone.