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In this issue:  Caffeine, obesity, and cancer cures from

There's strong evidence that on the Internet, a whole new
strategy of selling is needed.  The old 80-20 rule, that 80
percent of a company's sales come from the top 20 percent of
its products, no longer seems to apply online, according to Inc.

Researchers report what most soft-drink labels don't: how
much caffeine is inside.  See how your favorites stack up in
this article from Science News.

  Make your website more dynamic:

When it comes to discussing weight with their patients, Time
Europe says most doctors don't.  But even modest amounts of
weight loss can disproportionately benefit overall health,
and that fact alone is the best reason to say what needs to
be said.
Some cases of obesity may result from infection by a virus
that can transform adult stem cells into fat-storing cells,
according to Science News.

The biggest contiguous Superfund site contains more than 100
types of microbes that have managed to survive in the
unique, noxious ecosystem.  But Wired says these organisms
are more than unique -- they could provide treatments for

Popular Mechanics describes the coil-based breakthrough in
wireless electricity developed by MIT researchers, which
could eliminate power cables and outlets.
IEEE Spectrum says the U.S. Department of Defense is pumping
millions of dollars into projects to turn organic matter
into jet fuels.  If the military projects succeed, they
could become a catalyst for planet-friendly commercial
aviation technologies.

Got a last-minute curve-ball thrown at you (big presentation
in 15 minutes, dinner party in an hour)?  Health tells you
what to do.