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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-08-22

In this issue:  Saving money on car maintenance,
corporations in education, and lead paint.

Popular Mechanics looks at five unnecessary items that might
be recommended when you take your car in for routine

While Radiola may be too detailed for the average reader,
IEEE Spectrum says the author has a compelling story to tell
about the birth of radio, and he does a first-rate job of
telling it.

Across the country, talent-hungry corporations are trying to
save our struggling public schools.  Fast Company asks
whether they are creating smarter kids, or a fleet of drones.

Scientific American tells you how to cope with a mountain of
conflicting diet advice.
Mattel, the world's biggest toy maker, has recalled millions
of toys that were coated with lead paint.  Chemistry World
says lead's poisonous properties have been known for
thousands of years, so why was lead ever added to paint, and
why is lead paint still being made?
Interactive gaming is helping injured vets on the road to
recovery, according to PC Magazine.

Make your website more dynamic:

In addition to all of the obvious health benefits of not
smoking, Motley Fool says the money saved by not buying
cigarettes could produce some very healthy returns.

---Public Speaking---
Do you dread being chosen to speak before a large group? 
Fear not.  Job Journal says you can ease some of the stress
by changing your perspective from speaker to storyteller.

Wired recommends Inside the Living Body, a documentary that
delivers one hi-def shot after another of, say, a cold beer
flowing down a man's gullet, the neural network of the
brain, etc.

Fast Company reports that engineering giant Siemens is
testing features designed to make air travel less awful.