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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-08-15

In this issue:  Gut instinct, damaging the environment with
bottled water, and combating terrorism.

BusinessWeek says "Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the
Unconscious" is a useful, scientific look at why gut
instincts are so often right.
 buy the book:

---Bottled Water---
Americans consumed more than 8.25 billion gallons of bottled
water in 2006, in a country where any tap has clean, safe
water to drink.  Time Europe warns that this phenomenon
isn't only draining wallets; the oil required to make all
those bottles creates greenhouse gases, a major cause of
global warming.

The number of real opportunities for tidal energy -- where
incoming and outgoing tides drive underwater turbines -- is
small.  But the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is
trying to clear the path and bring tidal energy into the
21st century, according to IEEE Spectrum.

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American Family Physician provides a guide to insomnia.

In the wake of the Minneapolis bridge disaster,
Transportation Secretary Mary Peters talks to BusinessWeek
about who's to blame for our neglected roadways.

A protein made by bone cells has a surprising influence on
energy metabolism, and could have a role in treating
diabetes, according to Science News.

Indonesian officials believe they have turned a crucial
corner in fighting radical Islamic terrorism.  This is good
news for Indonesia, and the rest of the world, according to
Time Asia.