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In this issue:  The worst 529 plans, OCD, and the tragedy in

AskMen provides advice on buying jewelry for a woman.

529 plans offer many benefits to parents saving for college,
but some plans are better than others.  The Motley Fool
points out the ones that charge excessive fees that could
threaten the success of your college savings strategy.

IEEE Spectrum says Leonardo DiCaprio's new documentary, The
11th Hour, is a flawed but useful contribution from
Hollywood on the topic of the future of Planet Earth.

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When reason and function come undone, rarely is it as
dramatic as in the neurochemical storm that is
obsessive-compulsive disorder.  Time Europe says about 7
million adults, teens and children in the U.S. are now
thought to have it in one form or another.

Outside looks at the Human Pain Research Laboratory at
Stanford University, where people routinely subject
themselves to all manner of torture, all in the name of science.

Popular Mechanics says the bridge collapse in Minneapolis
makes it clear that the U.S. has been squandering its
infrastructure legacy by turning a reckless blind eye to
critical upgrades.

With the dollar on the losing side of the exchange rate,
U.S. tourists traveling to Europe need to get more creative
about how to go in style, without going broke, according to
Smart Money.

Philanthropy magazine discusses disruptive business models,
and their impact on colleges, public education, and
healthcare.  It also gives advice for philanthropists
seeking to have an impact on education or healthcare.