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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-07-25

In this issue:  New help to quit smoking, death bonds, and
an iPhone killer.

Information Age says plans for a European identity database
will test the robustness of today's biometric technology. 
Privacy groups argue that the risks of false-positive
biometric results are too great, and that wrongful criminal
convictions are possible if the proposals go ahead.

Viacom and Google go to court July 27 to decide which of the
two companies should bear the cost of keeping Viacom's
copyrighted content off YouTube.  InternetNews warns that
the outcome could impact blogs and photo-sharing sites, and
stifle Web 2.0.
Could Paramount Pictures lose Steven Spielberg and the
DreamWorks studio it bought just 20 months ago for $1.53
billion?  BusinessWeek says bad blood between the studio and
Spielberg could end this Hollywood marriage.

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Before you make any snap judgments, AskMen suggests you take
the time to learn about genetically modified foods.
BusinessWeek says some farmers in China are taking advantage
of confusing rules to falsely label food.

Chemistry World says that nicotine isn't enough to help most
people to quit smoking, but there is a promising new option.

The Bush Administration has backed Pakistani President
Musharraf since September 11, providing $10 billion in
aid.   Time Europe questions whether they backed the right

The Motley Fool warns you that offers for 0% on transfers to
your credit card often come with a catch, so do your
Are bank overdraft charges designed to drive you into debt? 
The Motley Fool tells you the precautions you can take.
Death bonds may be the most macabre investment scheme ever
devised by Wall Street, says BusinessWeek.  What especially
worries regulators are so-called stranger-initiated deals,
in which an investor persuades people to take an expensive
policy and lends them money for the premium.

Culture Vulture likes Hairspray, a movie musical based on a
Broadway musical based on an non-musical movie.

Three days after a deadly earthquake caused damage to the
world's most powerful nuclear complex, experts determined
that the Tokyo-area Kashiwazaki Kariwa facility may be
located on a previously undetected extension of a major
fault line, according to IEEE Spectrum.
IEEE Spectrum interviews the nuclear weapons specialist at
the Federation of American Scientists who believes Google
images shed light on China's deployment of its
second-generation of nuclear weapons systems.

The Motley Fool thinks the real iPhone killer might come
from Google.  Rumors say Google is contemplating a
"GooglePhone" that would truly be a free-access device --
one that accesses open, ubiquitous broadband networks in the
same way PCs can connect to Wi-Fi networks today.

AskMen lists the top 10 all-American inventions.
Ever wonder what it takes to become a saint?  AskMen will
tell you.