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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-07-11

In this issue:  Outsource your chores, stock market
valuation, and why Americans shouldn't be so down.

Yes, bargaining is making a comeback, so pay attention to
this advice from AskMen and become a bargaining king.

InternetNews points out numerous websites that allow you to
break free from the mundane tasks that are holding you back.
Scientists have constructed a new, more accurate picture of
the Internet using a combination of graph-theory analysis
and distributed computing, according to IEEE Spectrum.

Here's why Smart Money thinks history can't be relied upon
to forecast what stocks will do next.  The new willingness
to invest might explain the higher valuations -- and point
to even higher, permanent ones to come.

Popular Mechanics interviewed some of the people that were
waiting in line for the iPhone.

It's often said that success has many parents while failure
is an orphan.  A Mighty Heart, starring Angelina Jolie, may
not be a failure, but Culture Vulture says it's a major
disappointment, and the father is clearly director Michael
Winterbottom, with an assist from screenwriter John Orloff.

The widespread pessimism in the early 1990s about the course
of the country turned out to be unwarranted.  The American
people were wrong then and Time Europe thinks they may be
wrong now.
The Motley Fool provides five easy ways to save on taxes.

AskMen presents their list of the top ten all-American men. 
They are endearing, ambitious, and successful.
Smithsonian reports that a new development plan may alter
the face of New York's famous Coney Island.