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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-06-20

In this issue:  The coming worker shortage, the Clintons
sell stock, and new travel rules for the EU.

By 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there will
be a shortfall of five to ten million workers in the US
workforce.  Job Journal provides a glimpse of how this
reality has made life better for workers at one
forward-looking company.
In ING Direct, CEO Arkadi Kuhlmann saw a revolution, a
chance to fix the things he knew people hated about banks. 
Time Europe says the no-frills strategy has worked.  Without
a single branch, ING Direct is the 28th largest bank of any
kind in the U.S.
The mania surrounding Princess Diana has calmed since she
died.  Time Europe says the industry that was built from it,
though, is still going strong -- a steady heartbeat of
Dianabilia that keeps the princess's memory alive as long as
people keep reaching into their pockets.

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The Clintons have sold off the stocks in their blind trust. 
The Motley Fool looks at the stocks that were sold and
possible explanations for the move.

---Science & Religion---
Two prominent defenders of science exchange their views on
how scientists ought to approach religion and its followers,
in Scientific American.

Time Europe looks at the new uses of touch screen technology
in the iPhone and Microsoft's Surface.

Compliance Headquarters reports on new rules requiring
declaration of cash movements of 10,000 euros or more when
traveling to the EU, which are intended to make it more
difficult for terrorists to enter or leave the EU with the
necessary cash to finance illegal activity.

The Motley Fool tells you what to do if you lose your