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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-06-13

In this issue:  Another health benefit of wine, dumb
financial moves, and protecting yourself from a dog.

Far from acting in their own best interest, many individual
and institutional investors are more inertial than logical
when it comes to emptying their portfolios of unwanted
shares.  This passive behavior can have a significant effect
on how companies make strategic financing decisions,
according to HBS Working Knowledge.

Researchers have provided another excuse for wine lovers to
extol the virtues of their indulgence.  Chemistry World says
both red and white wine can kill the bacteria that cause
tooth decay.
When rodents eat the equivalent of a fast-food diet, they
develop health problems similar to those seen in the movie
Super Size Me, according to Science News.

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Behavioral economics can help explain why we make dumb
financial moves.  Smart Money describes seven big financial
mistakes and the psychology behind them.

AskMen tells you how to defend yourself from a dog.

This Old House says an Internet-based phone service can
provide you with more while costing you less.

AskMen looks at 10 famous families that have been plagued by
tragedies across the generations.