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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-06-06

In this issue:  A new football league, grilling tips, and a
new discovery related to the Atkins diet.

Inc. recalls the guerrilla marketing campaign that got Sam
Ewen into trouble.

The Motley Fool is skeptical of the United Football League's
plan to take on the NFL.

Health provides tips for avoiding illness when grilling.
Make your burger juicy without a lot of fat by following the
recipe in Health.
Health suggests five chardonnays to pair with
hot-off-the-grill food.

Atkins-style diets have proven their metabolic worth:
scientists have discovered a fat-burning role for a specific
hormone stimulated by this eating regime.  The work has also
raised the intriguing question of whether the Atkins diet
could make you live longer, according to Chemistry World.

Make your website more dynamic:

Wikipedia was born as an experiment in aggregating
information.  But the reason it works isn't that the world
was clamoring for a new kind of encyclopedia.  It took off
because of the robust, self-policing community it created. 
Despite its critics, Reason says it is transforming our
everyday lives.
RealNetworks rolls out a media player with clip downloading
functionality.  The Motley Fool thinks it's an intriguing
evolutionary step, even if that step is ankle-deep in a gray
legal area.

People with bad credit can spend years trying to make up for
past mistakes.  According to The Motley Fool, an increasing
number of people have found a quicker way:  buying a share
of someone else's good credit rating.
AskMen helps you determine whether or not to use a real
estate agent, as well as what things to look out for should
you choose to hire one.

Popular Mechanics takes a look at Microsoft Surface, a
computer with no cords, no keyboards, no mouse, and no USB

AskMen provides some tips for handling embarrassing
Popular Mechanics provides tips on packing an item so that
it will survive shipping.