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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-05-30

In this issue:  Reducing energy usage, fighting heart
disease, and something better for your teeth than fluoride.

Is Google going over the line by investing in a co-founder's
wife's start-up?  The Motley Fool says shareholders may
overlook the suggestion of sketchiness, despite the personal
relationships involved and what could be interpreted as
less-than-appropriate timing.

AskMen points out four basic areas of the home that provide
ample opportunities to reduce energy use and save money.

It's not OK to wait until you're older to fight heart
disease -- the #1 killer of women.  Health provides the info
that docs won't tell you soon enough.

Science News reports that researchers have discovered an
alternative to fluoride that, in preliminary tests, better
strengthens teeth and protects them from acids.

Wine Enthusiast reports that a new line of vino is labeled
to help you match its dinner companion.