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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-05-09

In this issue:  Improving your posture, tax credits for
homeowners, and the cost of raising a child.

The Motley Fool suggests good gifts for grads and newlyweds.

AskMen provides easy ways to incorporate posture-saving
techniques into your daily life that will make for a
healthier, better-looking you.

Information Today notes that Thomson Gale has introduced a
new reference Web site called WiseTo Social Issues, a site
dedicated to comprehensively exploring today's most divisive
Some hackers recently tried to take down the entire World
Wide Web.  Popular Mechanics says you didn't even notice
because the Internet is so robust.

If energy bills and the IRS are taking too big a bite out of
your income, take note.  Tierra Grande says homeowners can
receive tax credits for certain energy efficiency and
property improvement expenditures.
AskMen looks at the costs of raising a child.