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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-04-25

In this issue:  Less enthusiasm for ethanol, stopping the
next pandemic, and Virginia Tech.

The use of ethanol as a gasoline substitute for motor
vehicles may not be the environmental panacea that its
proponents would have us believe, reports Chemistry World.
BusinessWeek suggests that the government should make
subsidies available to the whole field of biofuel
innovation, not just ethanol.

Entrepreneur says that investors looking to expand their
portfolios are putting their money where their hobbies are.

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Many of the world's most horrifying diseases were caused by
animal viruses that made the jump to humans.  Wired says a
UCLA scientist thinks he can stop the next pandemic before
it even starts.
Time Europe says a quiet psychedelic renaissance is
beginning at the highest levels of American science,
including the NIMH and Harvard, which is conducting what is
thought to be its first research into therapeutic uses of
psychedelics since the university fired Timothy Leary in

---Virginia Tech---
Regarding the massacre at Virginia Tech:  What is the the
cost of our curiosity and culture? One man was the villain;
many of his victims were heroes, yet Cho Seung-Hui's is the
face that is seen, the story that gets told and all too
often the act that gets copied by the next broken loner with
a grudge, Time Europe points out.

Wired says the CIA used a fake science fiction film to sneak
six Americans out of revolutionary Iran in 1980.