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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-04-11

In this issue:  Leaky credit cards, losing weight and money,
and Einstein on religion.

According to Time Europe, the mobile-phone industry could,
conceivably, grind to a halt.  On April 10, a long-standing
licensing agreement between Finland's Nokia, the world's
largest handset maker, and Qualcomm, telecom's most powerful
intellectual-property company, expires.

Attempts to cleanse illicit substances from one's body by
taking large doses of niacin can cause life-threatening
reactions, according to Science News.

---Identity Theft---
Some credit cards equipped with RFID chips send out names
and account numbers, according to PC World.

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Motley Fool exposes some myths about IRAs.
Do weight loss programs whittle your wallet more than your
waist?   Before one of those programs lures you with low
introductory fees and monthly payments that sound downright
reasonable, Motley Fool urges you to take a closer look at
the costs.

---Science and God---
For some people, miracles serve as evidence of God's
existence.  For Einstein it was the absence of miracles that
reflected divine providence, according to Time Europe.  The
fact that the world was comprehensible, that it followed
laws, was worthy of awe.