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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-04-04

In this issue:  Hay fever, the perils of travel, and
spotting radiation risk.

IEEE Spectrum looks at the top 10 tech cars.

Using a complex photosynthetic process, innovators have
developed biodiesel and ethanol from an unlikely source that
can double its output overnight and just might help give
alternative energy the bump it needs, according to Popular

---Global Warming---
Ten percent of the world population, mostly in Asia, live in
coastal areas that are at risk from rising seas and powerful
storms caused by global warming, according to Scientific

Delicious Living offers help for hay fever sufferers.
Airplane crew and passengers who frequently fly between
several time zones face a number of health problems,
researchers warn in Scientific American.
A baby chick or duckling may not be the best pet for your
child.  Scientific American says a recent salmonellosis
outbreak was traced back to these little creatures.
Scientific American says a company has been formed to tailor
cancer treatments to individual patients based on new
technology that tracks protein activity in tumor cells.

Make your website more useful:

---Identity Theft---
In an SEC filing, TJX Companies said a record-breaking 47.5
million customer records were "stolen," according to

Converting to a cash-balance plan has lots of benefits --
for employers.  Smart Money says the people who suffer most
from cash-balance conversions are those who can do the least
about it -- employees who have spent many years at one
company and are nearing retirement.
The IRS desperately wants you to file your taxes
electronically.  Why?  The Motley Fool tells you the
downsides of filing your taxes online.
If households continue to rely on credit cards, it could
leave them more financially vulnerable to any further
economic slowdown, warns BusinessWeek.

More than anything, the film 300, based on Frank Miller's
graphic novel about the Battle of Thermopylae in 470 B.C.,
resembles a comic book.  But as the film careens towards
$200 million of domestic box office, it has inspired a host
of explanations for its popularity, according to Culture

---Real Estate---
Commercial Investment Real Estate warns that landlords,
tenants, and real estate buyers and sellers should pay
particular attention to force majeure language to protect
from natural and human disasters.

In the 1970s, the idea of building a bionic man was merely
fantastical.  Now we have bionic eyes and limbs, and
Chemistry World says chemists are creating artificial bodily
tissues to rival nature's own.

While much of the attention has been on physical wounds of
war, Scientific American says doctors, families and
lawmakers are expressing growing concerns that veterans are
not be getting the right mental health help.

The International Atomic Energy Agency unveiled its new
design of the international symbol for radiation.  Geotimes
says dozens of accidental exposures to radiation motivated
the change.