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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-03-28

In this issue:  The most innovative companies, restaurants'
secrets, and tax tips.

Wired presents its tenth annual list of the most innovative
companies in the world.
There's a niceness campaign overtaking corporate America. 
As more corporations adopt codes of conduct that outlaw
boorishness, we may see managers stapling the broken
contract to the pink slip.  And Time Europe thanks that's a

Last year there were 148 homicides in Oakland, according to
Wired.  Today, when someone fires a gun on a city street, a
network of hidden microphones kicks in triangulating the
exact location and alerting police.
Online auction fraud outranks all other Internet
complaints.  In general, most people who trade on online
auction sites are trustworthy, but Motley Fool says you
should be on the lookout for the exceptions by heeding these
cautions from the FBI and the FTC.

The economic Eden of the late 1990s and early 2000s is
slowly fading, according to BusinessWeek.

Time Europe says what is required in teaching about the
Bible in our public schools is patriotism: a belief that we
live in a nation that understands the wisdom of its
Constitution clearly enough to allow the most important book
in its history to remain vibrantly accessible for everyone.

Are we headed for two Europes, one Christian and secular,
the other Muslim?  American Prospect foresees a polarized

FDA Consumer says public comments are invited on three draft
documents issued by the FDA on the safety of animal cloning
and food products from clones.

Culture Vulture says someone should have figured out what
Premonition, starring Sandra Bullock, was really about
before they started making the movie.

Smart Money tells you 10 things your restaurant doesn't want
you to know.

Motley Fool provides some tax tips.

What is stunning in this year's major scandal on Wall Street
is the sheer volume of transgressions by 14 individuals
involved at companies that include UBS Securities, Bear
Stearns and Morgan Stanley, according to On Wall Street.
IBM announced an initiative to give teachers wider access to
learning material about assistive technologies for people
with disabilities, according to InternetNews.